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company profile

86redBRICKS is a team of young professionals that are dedicated to providing a high quality and professional service to all its clients. Our focus is on residential designs, providing our clients with tailor-made homes that are meant to be lived in.

The practice was established in 2012 and has grown continuously in the past years. The focus of the firm is residential projects and small commercial projects ranging from estate houses, suburban houses, complexes, apartments, retirement estates and small offices.

We do not design buildings for our own prestige but rather design to provide our clients with homes that reflect more desirable versions of themselves.

Our design approach is one that does not adhere to a specific style, but rather an approach which takes each project as an individual challenge, with client input and a site-specific solutions. Timeless design is not a result of style, but rather of critical thinking and good proportions.

design philosophy

The team, as a combined force, is a result of our passion for residential design. Coming from an educational realm where design was the focus, we strive to deliver design solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs. As a male-female led team, we feel that we address different components, and together can give the dream home that is expected of us. Maintaining a balance of good design thinking and fresh, contemporary ideas.

company philosophy

Our firm is grounded on a people first principle. Staying a smaller firm is also key, as we believe the heart and soul can be present in every project if you can keep the hands-on approach. Being a young firm with a combined experience of 2 decades, we believe in involving the entire team in all our designs; this yields better results, as more brains on board, means more design thinking and implementation.

We strongly believe that “a design isn’t finished yet until somebody is using it” (Brenda Laurel)

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